T1G Memphis is a world-class private training facility

High Caliber Training's home facility is located just 21 miles from downtown Memphis. T1G Memphis is a multi-million dollar facility with the advanced targetry required to advance your skills, and the expert staff to coach you. High Caliber Training picks up where your local range falls short in resources and possibly talent.
  • 300 x 70 Yard 270° Multipurpose Range
  • 1000m Known Distance
  • 1500m Unknown Distance
  • "Steel Monster" 150 Yard Range
  • 35 x 100 Yard 180° Range
  • (2) 150m x 50m Multi-Purpose
  • 75 Yard "Turners" Range
  • 6-Lane Rogers Range
  • Moving Steel Targets
  • Pneumatic Steel Targets
  • Reactive Steel Targets
  • 2- and 5-Story Towers
  • HLZ & DZs
  • Live-Fire Urban Combat Compound
  • 30-Acre Middle Eastern MOUT Complex
  • Vehicle Skid Pad with Water
  • 10-acre Live-Fire Wadi
  • Live-Fire 6-Mile Off-Road Track
  • 2.5 Mile High-Speed Track
  • Breaching Facilities
  • Arms/Ammo storage
  • (7) Climate-controlled Classrooms
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T1G Memphis is ideally suited for developing your skills rapidly. We can do things here that you just can't do anywhere else! Between 4 to 6 million rounds of ammunition were spent last year on the property, along with thousands of pounds of explosives. There's no falling asleep in class!